TruPredict® is built for capture managers, analysts and practitioners like you to rapidly create and analyze the outcomes of every decision.

Powerful flexibility

Quickly adapt to constant bid changes, from draft RFP to last-minute changes. Quickly analyze multiple “What if” scenarios with different evaluation criteria and strategic scoring.

Better answers, faster

Look beyond typical bid decision factors and model how a competitor will behave. Leverage built-in best practice motivators or customize them to the way you do business.

Increased productivity

Increase productivity and accuracy by comparing potential bid factors from every angle. Build, run & model scenarios in a fraction of the time it takes with traditional tools.

Win More Contracts

TruPredict® unlocks the power to go above and beyond what your competitors are doing.
Incorporating advanced mathematical methods, theories and competitive intelligence at your finger tips.

Modeling uncertainty and applying it to your Price to Win process to produce a more accurate number.

Prospect Theory

Model after a winning framework. Incorporate how competitors make choices between different options.

Risk Analysis

Real time Monte Carlo simulations to analyze risk by building models of probable results.

Get ready to impress

Increase your P-Win

Find the right answer

TruPredict® is fully packed with tools and analysis to win your next bid