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TruPredict® delivers price winning strategies to win more business for your company

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TruPredict® enables capture teams to develop winning solutions, and increase the likelihood of winning your next opportunity.

It creates a structured and repeatable Price to Win approach that empowers everyone, from beginners to practitioners, to deliver bid winning insights.

Capture teams gain actionable insights for a more accurate, repeatable calculation of an organization's Price to Win.

Benefits include more informed bids, faster win strategy development, more understanding of your competition and ultimately, a higher probability of winning competitive bids.

TruPredict® distills complex pricing strategies and takes charge of critical strategy modeling.

So your team can focus on which strategy achieves the best price to win. Built from a significant amount of research collecting insights from studying how people and organizations interact with money and competitions. TruPredict® easily applies these concepts the the competitive bid process.
  • Incorporate and quantify real life behavioral decisions into your pricing strategy
  • Create Labor, BOM and various other pricing models with ease
  • Integrates uncertainty in order to increase your Price To Win accuracy
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Built to for everyone at all levels

Whether you are a practitioner or novice, you want the right tools on your utility belt. TruPredict® applies modern techniques and powerful software to deliver real-time bidding outcomes — so you and your team remain confident of putting your best foot forward.
  • Real-time Monte Carlo simulations
  • Multiple scenarios comparisons and bidding outcomes
  • Competition simulation and expected results
  • Pricing wizards to walk through advanced techniques.
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Delivers your best chance of winning. Spend more time strategizing your next win and less time guessing the best way to analyze your data.

Analyzing different bid strategies can be very time consuming and too complex with current tools. TruPredict® empowers your team with advanced math modeling and behavior analysis your team greatly increases the chances of winning a contract.
  • Use advanced math modeling to narrow down you P-win range
  • Utilize Prospect Theory advanced behavioral economics into your analysis, no PHD required.
  • Integrate scenario changes and quickly see differences in outcomes
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TruPredict® enables the most effective teams work on the same page with efficient, standardized workflow that ensures you have the best information possible under uncertain and complex competitive bids.